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"As Is" Addendum Overview with Paul Wyman

When is an "As Is" addendum best used?  Does it make your offer more appealing to sellers? What if the buyer finds an undisclosed defect?  These questions and many more are answered by local real estate legend Paul Wyman.


Technology has always been part of the core at Highgarden.  Invest some time and watch the video below where Highgarden Founding Partner, Chris Kukelhan walks you through exactly what separates Highgarden from many other brokerages.

Meg Ban - Highgarden Agent

"I love Highgarden! You guys are incredibly supportive and are constantly innovating. There is no other place I would want to grow in my real estate career." 

"If you want to succeed in real estate, you will not find a shortage of tools and resources with Highgarden."

Melissa McLean - Highgarden Agent

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