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No Secrets - Social Media Panel

Laura Waters, Robyn Breece and Courtney Miller share how they use social media to grow their real estate business.  Laura, Robyn and Courtney were awarded Top Agents on Social Media in 2020 by PropertySpark.

Questions Asked In The Webinar

  1. So many agents are uncomfortable with taking the first step into social media.  How did you get started using it in your real estate business?

  2. What do you say to an agent that says, “I don’t have time to do social media?”

  3. “The medium is the message.”  Glossy mag vs. Craig’s List --- Facebook vs IG vs TikTok

  4. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – What works best for you?  And why?

  5. What’s your take on the value of stories?  When do you decide to make a post vs. create a story?

  6. What would you say to someone that has a bit of fear about blending business on their personal pages.

  7. How has your social media style evolved as you have been influenced over the years? 

  8. What types of posts/stories seem to get you the most traction?

  9. What expectations do your clients have about you using social media?  In your listings’ marketing plan?

  10. How many hours are you on social media every day? 

  11. What percentage of your business is impacted by social media?

  12. What percentage of your social media time is actually posting vs. interacting with others?

  13. How important is it to actually comment on others post vs. just liking?

  14. How do you stay up-to-date on changes in social media?  Where do you learn new tactics?

  15. What’s your one social media secret, that you thought you would never share with anyone, that you are going to give up today?

Meg Ban - Highgarden Agent

"I love Highgarden! You guys are incredibly supportive and are constantly innovating. There is no other place I would want to grow in my real estate career." 

"If you want to succeed in real estate, you will not find a shortage of tools and resources with Highgarden."

Melissa McLean - Highgarden Agent

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