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See us in action.  Learn from not only Highgarden leadership, but from our top producers.  Live in-person and/or online training is happening Monday-Friday.  Every day, every week.

What we know about iBuyers in the Indy Market

Start         A real iBuyer example

9:55        Las Vegas perspective

14:49      iBuyers and New Home Builders

16:50      How to sell against an iBuyer

19:18      OfferPad FLEX program

23:38      iBuyers offering market value

26:05      iBuyer Indy market data

32:10      Your clients will have questions

33:46      How iBuyers are finding sellers first

35:15      iBuyers - a reason to contact your sphere

36:00      iBuyers not affraid to lose $ on a deal

37:51      Representing a buyer on an iBuyer listing

40:17      A new wave of iBuyers

41:66      iBuyer fees "apples to apples"

46:20      1% cancellation fee - hmm?

Emotional Intelligence
Most brokerages aren't talking about it.
We are.

Steve Robbins, Highgarden Founding Partner

In 60 seconds learn about the one overlooked characteristic of all the best agents.   

Robyn Breece

Highgarden Multi-Million Dollar Producer and & Director of Marketing

Real Estate Conversations

Are you tracking them?

Are you having enough of them?

Steve Robbins, Highgarden Founding Partner

This one minute video will get you more listings.

Shannon Gilbert

Founder of The Gilbert Group

Last Twelve Months Production

$40M - 168 Transactions

"...I look every buyer up on REALIST before I call"

"...use their address in the subject line of your initial email"

Support is critical to success.  Your team has to sincerely "care".

Thinking about starting a team? Consider these thoughts before you do. 

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

Prospecting has to be part of your daily schedule.

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

What does it take to be a top agent?

Continuous training to help fill the gaps.

LIVE FSBO CALL It's guaranteed you'll learn something

Got the FSBO appointment. Learn the next steps.

Proven scripts that work for price reductions.

Top Producer Shannon Gilbert shares how she generates listing leads.

How one agent went from $0 to 100K in 12 months.

Proven and tested tactics when working with investors.

16 Tactics to use to help you get your offer accepted in  a tight inventory market.

How to write a winning offer by top producer Kyle Gillette.

An effective open house strategy to generate buyers.

Procrastination is paralyzing.  Learn how to overcome it.

Traits of top producers.  Do you have them?  

Zoom behind the scenes settings.

Brilliant marketing tips to help find buyer and seller leads. +SOI tips. 

Top producers discuss strategies on working with buyers.

How to team with a new home sales counselor to grow your business.

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